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The goal of our competitive program is to provide a supportive social environment that motivates gymnasts to achieve personal success. Use of proper skill progressions, motor pattern development, and strength & conditioning can help every student reach their personal goals. 


A 45-minute parent participation class designed to help parents stimulate gross-motor skills, co-ordination, strength, spatial awareness, confidence, and social skills.

Ages: 1 1/2 - 3 1/2 years


A 55-minute class emphasizing the basics of physical education, social and developmental skills. Class begins with circle time fun then teaches gymnastics through obstacle courses and games.

Ages: 3 1/2 - 6 years


A 1 hour 15 minute class structured to develop physical fitness, co-ordination and self-confidence through direct instruction and problem solving. Students will learn fundamental gymnastics skills on floor, beam, vault, bars and trampoline.

Ages: 6 - 18 years

Advanced Recreational

A 2 hour class for students who want the fun of a recreational class, but have mastered certain basic gymnastics skills. The class learns advanced skills on floor, beam, vault, uneven bars, parallel bars, and trampoline.

(teacher recommendation required)

Ages: 6 - 18 years

2-Day Program

A twice a week 1 hour 30 minute class that places more focus on technique and strength. This class begins to prep the gymnast for team experience.

(teacher recommendation required)

Ages: 6 - 18 years


This class is for students who have mastered the skills of our 2-day or Advanced Recreational class, and are eager to join our team program. Independent work ethic and attention to detail are developed. A greater focus is placed on strength and conditioning to prepare the gymnasts for success with future skills. Teacher recommendation is required.

Ages: 6 - 18 years

ASG Teams

For gymnasts who have mastered core gymnastics skills and are looking for a confidence building team experience. We have both a girls team and a boys team that compete in USA Gymnastics Junior Competitive Program.

Ages 7+

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